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Sunday next before Lent

At his Transfiguration Jesus led the apostles to a high place where they could be alone with him. The light of Christ appeared, and the Father’s voice was heard. To deepen our contact with God, we too need to let Jesus lead us away from the crowd. Whether our ‘high place’ is a walk in the woods, or a car stuck in a traffic jam, God’s call is always echoing. Mt. Tabor can be anywhere: what matters is that we must be alert. This event tells us that God at every moment is always breaking through. Only one thing is needed for our transfiguration: to open our eyes to God’s light and listen for his voice sounding daily in our ears.


Almighty Father,

whose Son was revealed in majesty

before he suffered death upon the cross:

give us grace to perceive his glory,

that we may be strengthened to suffer with him

and be changed into his likeness, from glory to glory,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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