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7th Sunday after Trinity

Praying in the Trinity - the Holy Spirit

God revealed to us that he is a loving Father because he sent his Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose again for us at Easter. At Pentecost, Christ in turn sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within us - and still sends the Spirit to live in all baptised Christians. When we pray we ascend to God in the Holy Spirit, through Jesus, our saviour, mediator, and friend.

Every prayer should therefore begin with calling upon God to send us the Holy Spirit anew. Then in the power of the Spirit, we can refocus on God in the teaching, death, and resurrection of Christ. When we pray, we should take a few words of Jesus or contemplate his crucifixion, asking the Holy Spirit to show us Christ, who is the face of God the Father revealed to us.


Holy and blessed God,

you have given us your only Son

and filled us with your Holy Spirit:

may we honour you,

not only with our lips

but in lives dedicated to the service

of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


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