COVID-19 Precautions

As of Sunday 3rd October, the PCC have agreed the following:

  • We will retain masks and sanitiser at the entrance, and track and trace registers, and advise people to use them.

  • We will retain a one-way system through the Church, leaving the doors open at least for the rest of the summer, to support ventilation: only the North Door will be used for entry to the Church 

  • The Northern block of pews (as you enter the Church) are being kept socially distanced for those who wish to use them.  Please ensure you maintain a respectful distance and sit in the allocated spaces in this block.  If you wish to use this block of pews please let a steward or churchwarden know when you arrive.

  • The remaining blocks of pews will be used for free seating.

  • Exit will be through the rear door for those leaving straight from the service, and through the door into Cornerstone for those staying for coffee ​​​​

  • The pew cushions and kneelers will be replaced 

  • Some Hymns will return, with a reminder that aerial transmission is the most significant risk  - this does not require the removal of masks  - and Hymn Books will be issued on request on entry to those who wish to sing, with the laminated Service Sheet 

  • A physical collection will also return: as hand sanitising continues to be advised 

  • The Peace will remain as it currently is, for the time being, i.e. without leaving your seat 

  • The W and S blocks will also return to kneeling at the altar rail, on their own direction, to receive the Communion (wafer only): those in the N block will be directed by stewards once the others are completed 


  • Coffee will once again be served after the service in Cornerstone, with exit for those partaking through the Western Door - spacing over coffee is the personal responsibility of those who choose to attend


As with the government regulations, and most especially as a Christian Community, we ask that everyone considers and respects not only their own boundaries but also the anxiety, concerns and safety of others in Church.  This virus is still very much with us, and is likely to be so long term, so please play your part in limiting its spread.