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5th Sunday after Trinity

Jesus is the Christ

‘Christ’ like ‘Messiah’ is the English translation of a Hebrew word passing through Greek (Christos). It means the specially chosen one, anointed by God. At the time of Jesus many Jews awaited a variety of messiahs, such as a military leader to drive out the occupiers, or a great high priest who would restore the purity of worship at the Temple, compromised by commerce with the Romans.

Although Jesus eventually accepted the title as he faced death, he had been shy of using it publicly during his ministry. He did not want to give a false impression because his way would not be that of military might but of humble suffering love. It is the way of the Suffering Servant, foretold in Chapter 53 of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah. This Messiah’s throne was to be the cross.


Almighty God,

send down upon your Church

the riches of your Spirit,

and kindle in all who minister the gospel

your countless gifts of grace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


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