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3rd Sunday before Lent 2023

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells his followers that they are the light of the world; yet in the Gospel according to John he describes himself as the light of the world. But there is no contradiction involved. Jesus is indeed the true light that lightens all who come into the world but Christians, united to him by baptism, share his light. That is why he says that when others see our good works shining the glory is not for us to enjoy. It is God’s glory alone because it is his light that we are reflecting.


Merciful Father,

who gave Jesus Christ to be for us the bread of life,

that those who come to him should never hunger:

draw us to the Lord in faith and love,

that we may eat and drink with him

at his table in the kingdom,

where he is alive and reigns, now and for ever. Amen.


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