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18th Sunday after Trinity

Jesus the Cornerstone

The dictionary defines the cornerstone as:

  • the stone at the corner of a wall, which unites two unites two intersecting walls

  • a stone placed at the corner of a building during a ceremony to mark the start of construction

  • a person or thing of prime importance

Jesus is, for Christians, all those things! He unites in his own person things that seem destined always to be apart: God and creation, the Jews and the Gentiles, etc. He is great source of unification, even if we his followers have so often created unnecessary divisions!

He was placed as cornerstone in the ‘great ceremony - the greatest of all - his resurrection, when God the Father raised him from death through the Holy Spirit and exalted him to his own right hand in heaven.

He is the person of supreme importance in the whole of human history – the one in whom God and the created world are united forever so that the world is saved – he is Lord and King of the Universe.


God, our judge and saviour,

teach us to be open to your truth

and to trust in your love,

that we may live each day

with confidence in the salvation which is given

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


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