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The Sixth Sunday after Trinity

The Importance of Prayer

After worship together on Sundays the most important activity in the Christian

life is always personal prayer. But prayer is much more than just asking God for

things for ourselves or for others, important though that is. More important any

of God’s gifts is God’s own self. Prayer is essentially resting in God and being

still before him. While it should always begin with words (e.g., the Lord’s

Prayer or a few verses from a psalm) one should become silent before God,

wait and listen, to still the clamouring thoughts that distract and divide our

attention. The aim is to focus on God, who is always present to us, though


This may feel like waiting in darkness but that is a good thing – it reminds us

that God is not just another object in the world that we can name and quantify

but the mysterious ground of all things, who yet comes to us in Jesus Christ.

Daily practising this form of prayer opens us to the mystery of God active in our

lives. It gives us a still point to navigate our way through the difficult waters of



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