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The 2nd Sunday after Trinity

The Meaning of Baptism

A Baptismal Font from the Early Church

In the first centuries of the Church’s history baptism was mostly done by immersion. The whole person was plunged into the waters three times. Baptism represents the death and resurrection of Christ. Just as Jesus died, was placed in the tomb, and rose again – passing through death to life – so the newly baptised undergoes a mystical (meaning “hidden”) death with Christ, acted out in the baptismal rite. The believer goes down into the “watery grave” of the font. Coming up out of the water s/he begins to live a new life as a disciple of Christ. In baptism three things happen:

  • We are adopted by God the Father

  • We are shaped in the likeness of Christ our brother’s death and resurrection

  • We are given the Holy Spirit - who hovers like a mother over the font - to dwell in our hearts

Collect for the 2d Sunday after Trinity

Faithful Creator,

whose mercy never fails:

deepen our faithfulness to you

and to your living Word,

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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