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Harvest Festival

The Jewish and Christian Scriptures give eloquent expression to the creative power and wisdom of God. Worshipping communities developed patterns of worship and prayer around the agricultural year. Of course, there were dangers, and the same Scriptures bear witness to concerns about the idolatry of fertility cults and the worship of created things rather than the creator. Nevertheless, ancient society lived close to the land, and it is no surprise that the ancient Jewish festivals of Passover and Unleavened Bread all have agrarian roots. The Christian tradition too has particular agricultural festivals. Much of this goes with the need to provide food to sustain human life, and the accompanying sense of humility before God as source of all things, gratitude for his goodness, and responsibility in stewarding the resources of the earth. In the growing ecological crisis this becomes ever more important as does our response to the needy throughout our land.


Almighty God, Source of all life

and giver of all that is good,

hear our prayers and grant us all that is in accordance with your will;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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