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Reflection, 8th Sunday after Trinity

Praying in the Holy Trinity - Christ our Lord

Jesus, called ‘the Christ’ (i.e., ‘God’s anointed one’), was recognised after his death and resurrection as the eternal Son of God made flesh for our salvation. He is God’s ultimate Word – indeed his last Word! - to us. After having spoken in nature, in the world religions, and especially through the people of Israel, God’s chosen covenant partner, in Christ all the fullness of God came to dwell bodily with us. The Lord Jesus Christ, ascended on high to the throne of God from which he came, is our mediator and spokesperson with God the Father. He comes to us today in word and sacrament when we celebrate the Eucharist.

In prayer there can be no better action than simply to contemplate him – Jesus teaching, Jesus, dying, Jesus appearing to his disciples after the resurrection – because in Christ we see our God made visible and so are caught up in love of the God we cannot see. Contemplating him in prayer allows the Holy Spirit to shape our lives in accordance with his, making them lives of love.


Living God,

your Son made himself known to his disciples

in the breaking of bread:

open the eyes of our faith as we pray,

that we may see him in all his redeeming work;

who is alive and reigns, now and for ever. Amen


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